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Funny shirt: I hate to love

I hate to love or I love to hate. It all depends on your attitude.

Crazy shirt: Explicit content only

What's inside ?

T-shirt: Never pick up dropped soap

Mirror, mirror on the wall what's your message to save my asshole

Cool t-shirt: How to celebrate my birthday

You'll never run out of birthdaygift ideas anymore

Funny t-shirt: Scan me for sex

Try visiting the supermarket

Cool t-shirt: Rape artist

You can be a real performer, you

Funny t-shirt: I chew before I swallow

Who doesn't ?

Coosl Shirt: Passion of the Christ

I love, you love, we love hell, but the way to reach hell is only possible through the passion of the christ

Funny t-shirt; Junk Food Junk

You are what you eat, you eat what you are

Funky shirt: Lola Light

Be my girl

Cool shirt: More beer

Whenever you go to the pubs toilet, make sure to wash your hands and see what the mirror has to tell you !

Fun t-shirt: 1 t-shirt away from naked tits

There's something rubbing against my chest

Emergency evacuation assembly area

You know where you want your women to gather, right ?

Emergency assembly area women

Take your pick.

Fellow inmate

So you think you know someone hey !

Happy marriage

Isn't it fun when everybody is happy

T-shirt turns red when you are horny

We could sell them in another color but we prefer red

Too hot to handle

Way out of your league

It says dumbo, you dork

Illiterates will have a hard time cracking this one !

Cool shirt: If to drunk drop of at

Please try to be a good host, even if you don't know this person

Owner of pussy joint

Who's the owner of this fucking pussy joint ?

Funny t-shirt: Push to Play

Push to play ... with me

Cool T-shirt: What to fuck

What to say ?

100% natural no sugar added

Funny t-shirt: search no more, destination reached

No need to consult google maps, just look around.

Funny t-shirt: Bad Man

No, I'm not there to help you.

Cool t-shirt: Instant mermaid

The main ingredient: water