Crazy t-shirts company
How we got started

It all started on a drunk night. You can read all about it here !

The idea of starting a company that makes cool and funny

t-shirts was born during a champagne-weekend in

New-York. Last summer holiday after graduation, Laura’s father flew us to his Penthouse in N.Y.  It was a really great party with a lot of booze. After everyone left, except the four of us, we started to fantasize about our futures when Giusephina came up with the idea to bundle our creativeness and to make from our hobby our work.


A few weeks later we picked-up on the idea and started analyzing the market. Luckily for us Carmella’s father agreed on us using a part of his factory to install our office and machinery-park to start creating our cool tees.


Since a few months we are up and running and already selling (thanks to a huge donation of Lauratwo for sponsoring, marketing and publicity) in several countries.


Although we are native Italians we decided, from the beginning, to produce our phrases and funny quotes in English. This way we ensure ourselves of a world wide vending of our cool and funny t-shirts.