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Born: 1988, Rome

Education: Civil Engineer

Occupation: Dancing


I’m responsible for the marketing of our funny t-shirts. 


During an exchange program I met my current boyfriend. We've been living together near Brussels for six months now.




Born: 1986, Rome

Education: Technical Engineer Textile

Occupation: As a single woman I spent most of my time going out and partying. 


I’m Laura. Actually, there are two of us called Laura so I came up with the idea to either fire the other Laura or to give ourselves a number. Lauratwo leaned heavily towards the second option.


Should you (still) have a question, please try to find a fitting answer on our FAQ page before contacting us.



Born: 1988, Rome

Education: Marketing

Occupation: Just being pretty




Born 1988, Rome  

Education: Technical Engineer Textile

Occupation: Parasailing, snowboarding, ….